If you’re an undergraduate engineering student currently enrolled in a course in a college or university, you can be a part of the BAJA SAEINDIA fraternity! The other requirements and eligibility criteria have been detailed below:

- Each team member must be enrolled in the same college or university under any course in order to be registered as a team in the competition.

-A team should comprise of minimum 5 and maximum 25* participants.

*However, to promote diversity amongst the teams, if the team has reached the 25 members limit, they can add 5 more female members without any additional amount in the registration fee. Thus, the number of total team members should not exceed 30.

-Team members must be at least 18 years of age at the time of the competition.

-A minimum of 1 and a maximum of 2 faculty advisors must be registered along with the team.

-The college must have an operational SAEINDIA Collegiate Club with a minimum of 50 active student members and 2 faculty members.

-A valid SAE membership is mandatory for every individual member and the faculty advisors.

Students can register for “Student Membership” from SAEINDIA or the respective association from their country (SAE International, SAE Affiliate, Institution of Automotive Engineers, etc.) Faculty advisors should hold a “Professional Membership” from SAEINDIA or SAE International.

-The rules and regulations to be followed to fabricate the vehicle and participate in the event will be detailed in the official BAJA SAEINDIA Rulebook which is released at the beginning of every edition. Separate rulebooks will be released for the mBAJA and eBAJA categories.

The rulebooks for the BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 competition have been provided below as a reference



It is mandatory for all teams to participate in the Preliminary round (Phase 1) in order to be eligible to participate in the next phases of the competition. The Preliminary round is an evaluation of the technical accuracy of the proposed design and the overall progress of teams in terms of development of their vehicle.

The Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA round (Phase 2) includes static presentations and the Virtual Dynamic Events. The guidelines for each individual event and submission deadlines will be notified to teams in prior.

The physical dynamic event (Phase 3) requires the complete fabrication of the ATV in compliance with the latest BAJA SAEINDIA Rulebook. The location of the event is decided by the BAJA SAEINDIA Organizing Committee and the finalized location will be intimated at the beginning of the season.

Information regarding registration will be released on BAJA SAEINDIA’s official social media handles and website whose links are given below:

Can only one team from a college participate?

Registrations of multiple mBAJA and eBAJA teams from the same college/university location are allowed, provided the team is formed under different heads. A maximum of 2 mBAJA teams (each for different event locations) & 1 eBAJA team will be selected for the main event. Institutions having multiple colleges at different locations may register different teams, limited as above per location.

Where can I find details regarding the registration fee and payment method?

A detailed set of guidelines regarding the registration fee and payment method will be released along with the registration guidelines for each season. The registration fee for BAJA SAEINDIA must be paid through payment mode as mentioned in the latest BAJA SAEINDIA Registration Guidelines at the time of registration. The exact deadlines for the payment of registration fees for each event phase shall be notified to the teams at the pertinent time. Registration fees are NOT refundable or transferable.

I’m a student currently enrolled in a foreign university. How can I participate?

The same rules of SAE membership and team size limit is applicable to the international teams as well. The registration fee as specified in INR is applicable to international teams. BAJA SAEINDIA Organizing Committee strongly recommend international teams to ship their vehicles early in order to allow enough time to compensate for any delays that may occur in clearing Indian Customs. Teams interested to participate in BAJA SAEINDIA, can write to [email protected] or [email protected]

How do I know if my college has an active SAEINDIA Collegiate club?

For details on membership or Collegiate Club, please visit or contact the below SAEINDIA representatives.

Ms. Sowmiya

Assistant (Membership) – SAEINDIA
[email protected]

Ms. Jean Sophiya Shiny

Officer – SAEINDIA
[email protected]

Mr. Mohit Bohare

BAJA Secretariat
[email protected]

What is the role of a faculty advisor?

The faculty advisor will be considered as the Official University Representative accompanying the team. Faculty Advisors are expected to advise, review, and monitor the progress of the team for overall design, development, manufacturing and testing of BAJA vehicle. They must ensure safety of the vehicle and in-house manufacturing within college premises. Faculty advisors must not design any part of the vehicle or any system of vehicle nor directly participate in the development of any documentation or presentation. However, they may be present as silent observers.

How can I clarify technical queries throughout the course of the competition?

A platform has been created to communicate event-specific information to teams and resolve any technical queries. Teams registered for BAJA SAEINDIA event will receive their BAJA SAEINDIA Forum login credentials on their registered e-mail IDs. The forum is handled by the BAJA SAEINDIA Technical Committee and teams can clarify any queries through this platform.

Can I participate in only the virtual rounds of BAJA SAEINDIA?

BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 conducted the event in 3 phases, with the intention to tackle the COVID pandemic without compromising on the knowledge transfer that takes place over the course of the competition. Hence, teams were allowed to participate in the Preliminary round and Virtual BAJA SAEINDIA 2023 which included Virtual Static and Virtual Dynamic events. The decision to participate in phase 3 – the Physical Round is solely at the discretion of teams.

Who can I reach out to in case of further queries regarding participating in BAJA SAEINDIA?

Interested members can write to [email protected] for any further queries regarding participation requirements, registration, international affairs, etc.